Perfromance Course


By popular demand, here comes the 2nd ‘ZOUKFEST UK: 3-Day CHOREOGRAPHY CHALLENGE COURSE’! ZOUKFEST UK TEAM proudly presents this wonderful Festival feature at their upcoming ZOUKFEST UK 2019 once again! Last year, accompanied by their group of ‘Choreography Challenge’ participants, the fantastic WILLIAM TEXEIRA & PALOMA ALVES lit up the Stage on the Sunday Night with their beautiful showcase which was well appreciated and received high accolade from the crowd. ZOUKFEST UK aim to repeat the event in their continuous effort to provide enriching and valuable experiences for Festival participants.
The Artists @2019?……… In keeping with high-quality standards, the 2019 Artists are World Class, Talented, Inspirational and Stylish Movers!!…. Their Shows are simply Magnificent…….. ZOUKFEST present The FANTASTIC DUO…. CARLOS & FERNANDA SILVA!! You are invited to join in and Enjoy-Every-Step of this amazing treat as Carlos & Fernanda Silva work their magic and bring their choreography to life with YOU in it! Each detail of their choreographies is driven by their pursuit of excellence and you are guaranteed an experience like no other! Experience The Incomparable & Unforgettable Magic Of Being On Stage …… and Better Still, with the privilege of performing together with this iconic duo!
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