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The Zouk Fest in an event organised by Joseph Koniak and Solange Dias of Zouk Lambada UK and Robert and Jean White of Mambo City.

Joseph & Solange

Robert & Jean

Together as duo, Joseph & Solange have been performing professionally in International Congresses for the last 14 years, with umpteen international workshops and shows a year! Locally in Britain, Joseph & Solange are veterans of many dance events such as Latin Fest and the Welsh Cuban Festival. In 2012, Joseph & Solange, joined with Mambo City’s Robert & Jean White to create ZoukFest – The International Zouk, Lambada and Contemporary Dance Festival. Now coming into it’s 4th year, it has already been acclaimed by dance figures such as Arlene Phillips, as one of the leading dance events in the world, for it’s authenticity, passion and spirit, embracing the essence and spirit of dancing. This sums up a lot of content, a lot of experience and a lot for you to learn! Solange Dias Solange Dias is one of the world’s most highly recognised dancers and choreographers of Lambada. Qualified with the UK Alliance, she has been teaching and performing internationally for over 20 years and has appeared numerous times on television. A leading figure in the Lambada world, she is known for her original, sensual style and the passionate energy she brings to the dance. Solange is from Porto Seguro, Brazil, where Lambada originates. She has performed and taught worldwide but, after a spell in Italy, she moved to London and has been based there for the last 14 years. She was first taught by her brother Berg! She has won both the World Lambada and Salsa Championships (Lambada 1995 and Salsa in 2001) and is also an experienced teacher and performer of Samba. Solange is simply the Queen of Zouk-Lambada in the United Kingdom who has inspired and keeps inspiring many. In recent years, Solange has created the “Dias is Dance” brand for her “Solange Ladies Styling” Workshops recognized worldwide. Joseph Koniak Having started dance from an early age, and now, as a professional dancer Joseph has performed, and choreographed all over the world, in musical Theatre, solo dance productions, and television. With professional contemporary training at a prestigious London school, Joseph brings his own unique style to the world of ZOUK LAMBADA. A winner of the World Lambada championships in 1994, and was the first officially recognised winner of the UK World salsa championships 1997/1999/2001. Joseph is also a highly respected teacher and a member of the UKA (United Kingdom Alliance). Joseph has worked with Gareth Gates as a Coach and chorographer, for his “sunshine” Video in Brazil, and Enrique Iglesias with the UK tour of Bailamos, Touch and Go, Fats and Small, Des O’Conner along with many others. Joseph most recognisably, choreographed and appears in the BBC1 I dent as the Salsa teacher shown regularly for the last three years. In 2005, Joseph Koniak was the audition Choreographer, Judge and coach for the hit series “Strictly Dance Fever” presented by Graham Norton. Joseph also performed in the promo for the new 2006 series of “Strictly Dance Fever”
MamboCity was founded by Robert and Jean White in August 1999, they both started dancing Salsa in 1992 and gained seven years of dance experience in Colombian, Cuban and Cross body Style Salsa before going on to teach, they quickly established themselves as teachers, promoters and gained a reputation for running great events. In 2012, Robert and Jean came together with Joseph and Solange creating Zoukfest, a international Zouk, Lambada and contemporary Dance Festival, which has already been acclaimed by dance figures such as Arlene Phillips, as one of the leading dance events in the world, for it’s authenticity, passion and spirit, embracing the essence of dance. The combined experience of this partnership has resulted in our guest being able to receive a festival of the highest quality. They were introduced to ‘cross-body’ Salsa by Pedro Gomez, a Puerto Rican Instructor based in Italy. this lead them to go on to take classes with many famous US proponents of that style including Eddie Torres, Nelson Flores, Tomas Guerrero, Frankie Martinez and Delille Thomas. Classes with these instructors lead them to promote workshops in the UK and the production of the inspirational video in 2001, “MamboCity Presents SantoRico”. this was instrumental in inspiring a generation of dancers from the early 2000’s, helping to shape cross body dancing in the UK and further afield. The London 5 Star Salsa Congress In 2003, they started their International festival, The London 5 Star Salsa Congress, currently the longest running Congress in the UK, since establishing this Festival they have gone on to collaborate with other promoters and dancers in organising events around the UK and abroad and continue to work regularly with international performers, Instructors, bands and DJs. Both Robert and Jean teach at Mambo City venues and Robert also DJs (as Cruz and Bobby Blanco). He has a diverse musical background and is a former session musician who has played Reggae and R&B on a semi-professional basis.
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